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  • I feel that you are on the right track with your efforts. There does not seem to be very much crane or combination back-hoe work listed in the Illinois listings, but maybe the economy just will not support that type of work right now. Overall though, nice work gentlemen. Thank you.

    Tom Weil, Heavy Equipment Operator
  • You are doing a great job. Thanks for the help!

    Peter White, Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Probably one of the best websites available for heavy equipment operators. Times are extremely difficult and jobs are few and far between, but I appreciate the dedication you give us. Your site is user friendly and easy to navigate. Filling out a brief resume was no problem and easy to follow. Thanks!

    D. Mendoza, Finish Blade Operator
  • Thank you very much for the support you give to me and everybody out there with the information you provide to us all to help us get great opportunities and better job offers. Keep on informing me. Thank you.

    Mazeman, Heavy Equipment Operator
  • I've been using this site for a year now and find it helpful in locating jobs.

    Ron Brann, Logger
  • You're doing a fine job. Keep up the good work.

    Billy Page, Heavy Equipment Operator
  • I thank you for this awesome web site. I enjoy going to this job site and it's a big help for me in my job search. Keep it going!!

    Andre Mackey, Heavy Equipment Operator

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